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Dorsey and Neil are a great teaching team! As a therapist and a poet ­ both deeply involved in Voice Dialogue and the Psychology of Selves - each offers a unique contribution. As a couple, they "walk their talk" so that their teaching comes from a rich combination of knowledge, expertise and personal experience. We are delighted to recommend them as teachers of our work. Hal Stone, Ph.D. & Sidra Stone, Ph.D.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009
Voice Dialogue Summer Camp 2009

Voice Dialogue Camp August 2009!
All Levels Residential Program August 15 - 25, 2009
Still Meadow Retreat Center (20 minutes out of Portland, Oregon)
59 CEU's
More info about the Voice Dialogue Camp

Voice Dialogue Camp in 2009 ~ A 10 Day Intensive in August
A wonderful opportunity to deepen your process and create lasting growth and change in your life. All levels of experience with Voice Dialogue are welcome.
You'll be able to:

  • be in a strong, intentional, generative, energetic environment for transformation
    learn through observing and receiving facilitations from a number of practitioners from around the world, including four Voice Dialogue authors

  • add to your own Aware Ego process through experiencing the uniqueness of different facilitator's styles and skills

  • find nourishment, support, and healing in these stressful times

  • build lasting relationships with others who are doing consciousness work
Voice Dialogue Camp '09 is a tremendous bargain for the value you will receive, plus there's a payment plan in place to make it even easier. 59 CEUs will be available through NASW, and you will receive a $50 discount when referred by a staff member - so be sure to say that Dorsey Cartwright sent you!

PS: While some selves may look at the current economy and say, “You can’t afford this” I also ask you pay attention to other selves who intuitively know that being in your own process for ten days will enable you to connect and nurture those energies within that can creatively guide you and your clients through these troubled times

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